Outdoor Modern Charcoal Gray Chair

The Outdoor Accent Chair stands as a paragon of both style and functionality. This chair, meticulously crafted and infused with exquisite detail, effortlessly blends aesthetic charm with practicality. With a design that embraces a contemporary aesthetic, the chair seamlessly integrates into an array of settings, whether it finds its place in your cozy living room, refined bedroom, or any space in search of a touch of sophistication. Its adaptability and steadfast reliability set it apart as a distinguished choice. Transform your interior decor with this Accent Chair, where style and utility gracefully converge. Whether you seek a captivating focal point or a refined seating solution, this chair infuses a touch of sophistication into any setting. Embrace contemporary design!
DIMENSIONS : 27.6" W x 32.3" D x 31.9" H
MATERIALS : Outdoor Fabric 100% Olefin, Powder Coated Aluminum

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