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Welcome to the wonderful and limitless world of wall covering! So many new designs, colors, materials, textures and visual feelings to choose from! But this, is something you must see and enjoy personally, although is not impossible to work from distance.

Come to our showroom in Hatillo, PR and choose from our variety.

ready for a change

why wallpapers?

Is the new but classic wall treatment! Many textures, looks, colors, quality and variety to choose from. Add a very relaxing and soothing feeling or stunning and vibrant touch to any wall! Remember to choose a wall with no defects and/or humidity. It will be easier to install it will be a long lasting experience.

Only the Best

high quality

We are a 20 years décor business and we represent some of the finest wallpaper manufacturers. Many of our products are made from recyclable materials, are handmade and ecofriendly. We offer you a professional installation service, so you don’t have to worry about that.


Our best sellers are metallics! Find designs with a delicate ivory and gold fresh look or dark grey and silver wall! Adding the “Wow” factor to all or any wall. We also offer you a colored palette combined with metallics.


Geometrics, florals, natural materials, stripes, textured, contemporary, abstract and more…


Sometimes the look we need is a neutral and formal yet never out of fashion. We offer you a variety of whites, ivory, grays and many warm and smart looking wallpapers.


Let us know if you have any questions! We are sure we can help!

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