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Please follow these steps:

If you received wrong, broken or defective merchandise or are not satisfied with your order, you have to report it within the next 48 hours of receiving the order, through our return process:

Important: Products MUST be use for the real purposes and environment for which they are created. We will not accept returns or exchanges of any merchandise which was used for purposes other that it’s normal ones. (For example, using a tray not made for microwave for microwaving). Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for further details.

1. Contact us through email: hogares.erullan@gmail.com during the next 48 hours after you received the purchase. Please include a picture of your damaged item.

2. Hogar es… will send you by email or fax the Return Form with the appropriate address that you will return the merchandise.

3. The merchandise must be received in good condition, with tags and original packaging. The customer will pay the shipping and processing fees related to the return (via UPS or FedEx). We do not refund for shipping and handling charges.

4. Please include with the Return Form the original sales receipt.

If you have any questions please send us an email to hogares.erullan@gmail.com or calling us (787) 880-2220.

We will gladly help you.