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Free shipping when spending $200 or more for us.


Browse thru our beautiful pillow collection. We suggest a mix and match combination; some flowers, some geometric and some solid. Enjoy your selection!


There is a lamp for every room! Elegant, fun, modern and contemporary. Many beautiful lamps to pick the correct one!

High Quality Rugs

Many beautiful rugs and sizes to choose from! We have the one you are looking for!


Wide variety of mirrors that will accentuate any room.

Accent furniture

Find that finishing detail, make your home decor come together.

General Decor

Find that finishing detail, make your home decor come together.

Decoracion de Verano

Los meses de junio y julio generalmente pasamos mas tiempo en la casa o "second home" ya sea porque los ninos están de vacaciones, recibimos visitas de amigos y parientes que vienen a pasar unos días a la islita, o con la excusa de reunirnos hacemos un BBQ para...

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Decor by E-mail? How that works?

It's simple! You take pictures of the space of your house/office that you want to bring to life. Send it to our e-mail, hogares.erullan@gmail.com, along with the ideas or inspiration you have. We will get back to you with the products we recommend to you and even...

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